Tom Zubrycki making documentary about project

A documentary film is being made about the SSOE project in the village of Abyei Achok. The film “Back to Ground Zero” follows Zacharia Mawat Machiek and his wife Ayuen back to South Sudan to begin the construction of the school. The plan is to monitor this 2 – 3 year project, starting with the initial trip in December 2012. In 2013 the film will document the fundraising efforts back here in Sydney followed by a further trip to the village in a year’s time.

What’s portrayed in this film reflects a growing trend. Independence and relative peace in Southern Sudan has prompted the return of hundreds of former refugees from the diaspora – especially from Australia. Many of those returning want to make a difference – to contribute to the re-building of their new nation.

The documentary is being directed and produced by Tom Zubrycki, an experienced and highly regarded independent filmmaker. His last film was “The Hungry Tide”, about a Kiribati woman living in Sydney and her efforts at bringing to the world’s attention the plight of her sinking nation. For more on Tom’s films visit

“Back to Ground Zero” is in the process of being registered with the Documentary Australia Foundation. The Documentary Australia Foundation has registered charitable DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status. Due to its charitable status, individuals and corporations are able to make tax-deductible donations to the production of the film through this fund. This will be possible from March 2013. More information on the foundation can be found at Documentary Australia Foundation.

More information on “Back to Ground Zero” can be obtained direct from the filmmaker

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