Message from our President

Dear friends, supporters and visitors,

Here is my story.

I’m from the Cueibet County of the Bahr El Ghazal region of Southern Sudan. The people of Cueibet County are called the Gok community and they are part of the Dinka tribe of Southern Sudan. I came to Australia on 20 August 2003, and soon after, with the help of supporters, I began this project.

The reason I have set up this organization is to help children who are affected by the civil war in Southern Sudan which began on 16 May 1983 and has continued for over two decades, leaving the region devastated and without basic human services and infrastructure. My goal is to provide for the education needs of orphaned children in Cueibet where there are no school buildings and the children have no books, school stationery or uniforms.

The great encouragement that I have received from Australian friends makes me think that this project is possible. Our logo in which two hands join is a symbol of peace and unity as people who join hands together can help rebuild a future for the children of Cueibet.

In the spirit of love, peace and unity,

Thanking you all,

Zacharia Mawat Machiek