South Sudan became an independent country on 9 July 2011. It won its independence after many years of civil war that is estimated to have killed over 2 million people (by war and the famine and disease that resulted from it), created 4 million refugees and left the country in ruins. (The population of South Sudan is approximately 8 million.)

Education is a major challenge. Only 27% of the adult population is literate (this equates to 40% for males and only 16% for females; 53% of the urban population compared to 22% in rural areas). At the same time, more than half the population of the country is less than 18 years old. (Key Indicators for Southern Sudan, page 9, 8 February 2011).

Useful Information from UNICEF
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Education in Conflict and Transition Contexts: Case Studies from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal and Southern Sudan, 2010

Overcoming barriers to girls’ education in Southern Sudan, 2009