About Us

South Sudan Orphan Education, a Sydney based  community organisation, was formed in April 2007 by members of the Sydney Southern Sudanese refugee community. These community members approached a range of community workers, teachers, students and other interested people to seek support for the project’s aims. From these initial meetings SSOE was formed and incorporated as a community managed organisation. SSOE is governed by a volunteer management committee. The committee is made up of representatives from the Southern Sudanese refugee community, teachers and community workers and other interested people.

We aim to support the education of disadvantaged children in South Sudan (which became an independent country in 2011). Due to a two decade civil war that left basic services in South Sudan severely degraded there are many orphans who, in addition to losing their parents, have little chance to get an education. The project aims to support the educational needs of these children by building a primary school in Cueibet county making special provision for them.

South Sudanese elected representatives and local government officials in the village of Abyei Achok in Cueibet have solicited the support of SSOE and its Chairperson Zacharia Mawat Machiek in building the school.

We are seeking public support for the project and donations to fund the building of the school. The funds will be managed by SSOE. All financial reports will be available to donors and SSOE members. SSOE is authorised to fundraise for charitable purposes in New South Wales, under the Charitable Fundraising Regulation 2008 Act.


SSOE Committee Members, 2013

Chairperson: Mr Zacharia Mawat Machiek
Member of the Sydney South Sudanese community, who originates from Cueibet County.

Secretary: Mr Chris Geagea

Treasurer: Ms Janet Dyne
Ultimo Technical & Further Education College (TAFE)

Project Officer: Mr Michael Wright

Committee Members: Tom Zubrycki, Rob Clifton-Steele


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